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Our 'History' journals, which have been published annually since 1833, contain contributions from members and others and a summary of lectures and field trips made throughout the year. 

Members receive a copy free of charge.  Non members can purchase the current issue for £25.00 and earlier editions (going back to 1833) can be bought for £15.00 or borrowed from the library.


Other Publications 

2016 - Michael Braithwaite - Howes and Knowes                                    £5                       

Howes and Knowes is an A5 booklet exploring the origins of the Berwickshire place names.

2017 - Michael Braithwaite - Hopes and Haughs                                      £5

Another 56 page illustrated booklet produced by Michael Braithwaite and focusing on the place-names of Roxburghshire.

INDEX of Volumes  42 - 53 1981-2016                                                      £3

(also available as a freely downloadable pdf.)

Compiled by M.E. Braithwaite

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Publications from Michael Braithwaite available as pdfs :

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