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The Medieval Grave Slabs of the Borders

by Peter F Ryder FSA   

£12.00  (Members £10.00) 

Margaret Rebecca Dickinson

A Botanical Artist of the Border Counties

by Dr Elizabeth Towner 

£7.50  (Members £6.00)

Hopes and Haughs.jpg

Hopes and Haughs

by Michael Braithwaite  £5.00

Howes and Knowes

by Michael Braithwaite  £5.00

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History of the Proceedings of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club

The Club produces a Journal each year called a 'History'.

This is free to members but can be purchased from the Librarian for £15.00


The History of the Berwickshire Naturalists' Club has now run continuously for over a century and a half.  It has recorded a very large amount of information about every aspect of life in the |Borders, archaeology, genealogy, history, sociology, topography, and all branches of natural history.  It is an invaluable repository for such primary information.  

In the light of recent technological advances it is preferable and easier, for manuscripts, carefully checked to be sent directly by email to the Editing Secretary.  A 'hard copy' would be additionally useful.  However, typed and even written material, double spaced and legible, will, of course, still be considered.

References in scientific articles within the text or in the notes at the end should be cited.