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Library - Anchor

                                                                 The Berwickshire Naturalists' Library:


Our library of 3000 books and documents is housed in the Berwick Museum at the Barracks in Ravensdown and available to members to browse or borrow books.  The books are mainly donated by club members over the years.

We also purchase new books of interest to our members.

You can visit in person by appointment with the Librarian or search our library shelves remotely using the Database image below.

The database is being organised to enable easier and more accurate searching.






                                                                   The Biodiversity Heritage Library:

This digital library in the USA holds searchable copies of our history from 1834 to 2000.

With an unbroken record over a period of nearly 200 years, these volumes contain fascinating accounts of natural history and archaeology of the Borders. They are now increasingly relevant to our interests in climate change, changing habitats and biodiversity.


“These journals provide modern conservationists with essential information about past distribution of species, the lists, and catalogues produced by nineteenth century naturalists providing a yardstick against which environmental change can be measured.”

(Peter Davis (1996), Museums and the Natural Environment. Leicester University Press: London, New York; page 16.)


One example is a description of a 10-day visit to Holy Island in 1854 by Dr George and Catharine Johnstone. This provides a detailed Catalogue of the island’s Flora and Fauna and a vivid description of living conditions on Holy Island. (reported in the 1873 volume of the journal).

                                                                                             (Click image below for link)

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