(The 22nd September 1831)


Rules and Regulations (as amended October 2006)

Badge : Wood Sorrel

Motto: Mare et Tellus et quod tegit omnia, Coelum.


1. The name of the club is ‘The Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club'


2. The object of the club is to investigate the natural history and antiquities of Berwickshire and its vicinage.


3. All interested in this object are eligible for membership.


4. The club consists of a) Ordinary Members, (b) Contributing Libraries and Societies (c) Corresponding Members (eminent persons of science won the Cub desires to honour) d) Associate Member (non-paying members who work along with the Club), and (e) a limited number of Honorary Life Members.


5. New members shall be proposed by a Club member on the form obtainable from the Corresponding Secretary. The proposal shall be considered by the next General, Council or Field meeting held at least seven days after receipt of the completed form, and candidates will be admitted following a unanimous vote of the members present. New members will then be entitled to the privilege of membership after payment of entrance and membership fees notified to them on election by the Membership Secretary. The names of any new members who have not taken up their membership with six months of election will, after a reminder, be removed from the list. A copy of the Club rules will be sent on election.


6. The entrance fee and the annual subscription shall be fixed by the Council and intimated to the Annual General Meeting of the Club.


7. Subsequent subscriptions are due after the Annual General Meeting and entitle members to attend meetings and to receive a copy of the Club’s History for the ensuing year. The History is issued only to those members who have paid their subscription. Joint membership is available for those resident at the same address and who wish such membership in which case only one copy of the History will be issued. Names of members who are in arrears of subscriptions after 30th June in any year will be removed from the roll.


8. The number of ordinary members is limited to 400. The names of candidates are brought forward in priority of application, power being reserved to the President to nominate independently in special cases irrespective of the numbers on the roll.


9. The office-bearers of the Club are : a President who serves for one year only; a Vice-President who is nominated by the retiring President; a Treasurer and a Librarian. In addition, there is a Corresponding Secretary, Membership and Field Secretaries, and an Editing Secretary who are all elected at the Annual General Meeting.


10. The office-bearers form the Council of the Club, along with the immediate past-president (for one year only) and six members elected for three years, of whom two retire annually and are not eligible for re-election until this lapse of one year. All nominations for membership of the Council shall be submitted in writing at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The Council has the power to co-opt not more than two further members for special purposes, for not more than one year at a time. The Council may co-opt to fill any vacancy in their number arising during a year, and the member so added shall serve for the remainder of the term of the member replaced. A quorum of the Council shall be five.


11. Expenses incurred by the office-bearers are refunded, and expenses incurred in organising the meetings and those of Extra Meetings may be refunded at a rate to be fixed by the Club Council at its first meeting of the year, out of the Club’s funds.


12. Five monthly meetings are held, from May to September. The Annual General Meeting is held in October. Extra Meetings for special purposes may be arranged.


13. Notices of meetings are issued to members at least ten days in advance.


14. Members may bring guests to meetings, but guests may only attend when accompanied by members. When guests are brought, the host is required to hand to the Treasurer (or his deputy) at the meeting in question, a fee in respect of each guest. Children may be brought as guests to field meetings without charge, but their host is responsible for their conduct at all times.


15. At field meetings no litter may be left on the ground and all gates must be closed. Dogs must be kept under strict control.


16. Members omitting to book seats for meals or drives beforehand must wait until those who have done so are accommodated.


17. Contributors of papers to the History receive two extra copies. The Editing Secretary may provide reasonable numbers of additional copies at his discretion on request in advance of printing.


18. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the library of the Club and any other historical property shall be donated o a charity or other institution chosen by the Club members as best ale to make it available for study by the people of the Club’s area of interest. Similarly, its monetary assets shall, after all liabilities have been met, be donated to a charity chosen by the Club matters relevant to the Club’s interests.




‘Every member must bring with him good humour, good behaviour, and a wish to oblige. This rule cannot be broken by any member without the unanimous consent of the club’



(Correspondence of Dr. George Johnston

Founder and First President of the Club, p. 414)