The Berwickshire Naturalists' Club

Meetings  - awaiting 2020 programme

N.B.  An increasing number of our hosts, public and private, are requesting more accurate estimates of the number of visitors they can  expect. 
Bookings can be made by contacting:
Sue Neville-Taylor by 'phone: 01289 382395 or by email: at

PLEASE note that attendance at our events and lectures is restricted to

our Members and their guests.

'Rule First and Last' 

'Every member must bring with him good humour, good behaviour and a wish to oblige.  This rule cannot be broken by any member without the unanimous consent of the club' 

(Correspondence of Dr George Johnston, Founder of the Club)

The Berwickshire Naturalists' Club

Registered Charity No: SC013054,
Ravensdowne Barracks, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD151DG